Traveler. Photographer. Writer. Reader. Coffee Drinker. But not in that order.
Three Times It Drops (Photo Credit: Diana Lotti)


November Six Word Photo Story Challenge: “3”

“Three times it drops,” Harold Oxley.

I prefer to travel in the Fall season. It’s not too hot and not too cold, and with the right jacket, even the rain doesn’t stop us. We found ourselves visiting the Waterfalls in Triberg, Germany and I fell in love.

I feel the best travel experiences involve all the…

Among the Trees (Photo Credit: Diana Lotti)

Photography. Travel.

A walk high up and among the trees and a smooth glide down via a spiral slide

The school year in Germany is slightly different from where I grew up. I grew accustomed to attending two semesters of school with 6–8 weeks of vacation in between.

In Germany, it feels the school year is just that, the whole year. However, the holiday calendar provides two weeks off…

Diana Lotti

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